Class of ’70

Candid shots, out-takes & humor

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Bill and Lisa tussle in publications room
Demonstrating the proper grip.
Bill horsing around with Lisa.
Applying chiropractic manipulation.
Lisa is about to slap Bill.
"No means NO, Bill !!"
Sara Staman and Bill Mittnacht.
Sara Staman and Bill Mittnacht
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Nina Webb looking comfy and domestic.
Nina Webb looking comfy and content.
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Elnel, Lockie and Martha.
Elnel Emlen, Lockie Corson and Martha Keeney
cutting the cake at Elnel's birthday party in 1967.
Mary Lichtenstein.
Mary Beth Lichtenstein
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Ellen Lea in Renaissance costume.
Fair maiden Ellen Lea in Renaissance costume,
June 1970.
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