Class of ’70
Section V at the Emlen house
Section V band members Peter David, Jay Emlen, Bill
Reisner, Bill Hall, Ed Stulb, Gordie McIlvain, Colin McNeil
play at debutante Bettina Heist's party in Blue Bell.
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Chestnut Hill Local logo – June 1969

Section 5 combo performs at party for deb

One of the newer combos in town is Section 5, which played at the luncheon and swimming party given by Mrs. Nina Cooke Emlen and Mrs. George P. Millington Jr. for debutante Bettina Weeks Heist.

Mrs. Emlen's 17-year-old son, Jay Cooke Emlen, is vocalist for the rock 'n' roll ensemble. He'll be a senior at Chestnut Hill Academy in the fall. Instrumentalists include classmate William Hall plus brand-new CHA alumni Gordon McIlvain and Edwin Stulb. Also in the band is Colin F. McNeil, who'll receive his diploma from Germantown Academy on June 20.

The combo performed all afternoon in the living room of Swallowfield, the Emlen home in Blue Bell.

Eighty persons attended the party for Bettina, who is the daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Weeks Heist, of Chestnut Hill. The late Daniel S. Heist was the deb's father.

Bettina, who was graduated Tuesday from the Springside School, will make her debut at a supper dance June 22 at The Barn in Eddington. She will be presented with debs Anne Barton Bromley and Jane Biddle Merritt.

Emlen & Co. at the Main Street Fair, Chestnut Hill Hospital, October 1966;
Flying Pyg, Battle of the Bands (Woodward Gym) & Loophole dance, 1969.

Tom Stone in Flying Pyg, Spring 1969.
Emlen & Co. at the Main Street Fair
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Emlen & Co. at the Main Street Fair
Flying Pyg press photo.
It was standing room only for the Loophole dance
Saturday night to hear the combo The Flying Pyg;
from left, Mike Disston, Tom Stone, Carl Norris,
with Charlie Thompson on drums. Teens who turned
up to paint, plaster and decorate for the dance
got one-third off of memberships, on sale at $3.

Music & audio samples from the 60's Chestnut Hill bands

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Sunshine of Your Love
Flying Pyg, '69

Download: M4A, OGG
Steppin' Stone
Emlen & Co., winter '67

Download: M4A, OGG
Tell Me
Manchester Drive, '67/'68

Download: M4A, OGG
Tired of Waiting
Emlen & Co., winter '67

Download: M4A, OGG
Section V, summer '69

Download: M4A, OGG
Emlen & Co., winter '67

Download: M4A, OGG
Emlen, Grant, Hall, Piersol
goofing around in 1966

Download: M4A, OGG
Elvis Medley
Hot Codlins, 10/23/77

Download: M4A, OGG
Light Up or Leave Me Alone
Sunshine Express, '73-'74

Download: M4A, OGG
Sweet Wine
Flying Pyg, '68-'69

Download: M4A, OGG
Can't Keep From Crying
Sometimes; Flying Pyg, '68-'69

Download: M4A, OGG
Summertime Blues
Sunshine Express, '73-'74

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