Class of ’70

CHA 1970 Class Will

Abramson leaves four letters.
Affel leaves Adele.
Asche leaves his change to Mark Stout.
Ash left Harriton.
Barton leaves his golden shovel to J. Harris.
Beeler leaves his stereo to Rick Bauder.
Charles leaves Cook a Corvair Shop Manual.
Claghorn leaves his barber wealthy.
Clay leaves if Lydia will let him.
Cohen leaves the Creep troubled.
Ehrhorn leaves for Argentina.
Eisenstaedt leaves well enough alone.
Emlen leaves a fifth in the math room.
Feinberg leaves pillows for the physics room.
Fleming leaves his passes for Jack Katz.
Goldman leaves the day of the deadline.
Gresh leaves to meet Tom Flood at Atco.
Hall leaves his laundry dirty.
Hastings leaves with his mother's puncher.
Hayes leaves for the shore on his bike.
Jewell leaves his hockey stick to David Hall.
Kelly leaves his aftershave to Bull.
Koch leaves, with Steve on his back.
Kyle leaves his support to Doug Doman.
Lindy leaves his guitar to Betty Boggs.
McKinley leaves 64 feet of rubber.
Menarde leaves his hair style to Johnny Cash.
Mills leaves his savoir faire to Mr. Van Dike.
Mittnacht leaves this crummy yearbook.
Moak leaves Springside alone.
Moessner leaves his technical ability to Wilson Darwin.
Newberger leaves his lobster lips to Fearless.
Peck leaves Nixon defenseless.
Raymond leaves to get sick.
Reisner leaves the Lowrys in the sticks.
Ross, A. leaves Pete Rose to the Reds.
Ross, T. leaves a sponge and chamois to Alan Kaplan.
Shannon leaves the lunch room with a mouthful.
Sheppard leaves his G.A. girls to Peter David.
Shreibman leaves his carrots to the English Department.
Simon leaves his Cassini ties to Overcash.
Solis leaves his bowling parties for the birds.
Stone leaves, privileges or not.
Sunstein leaves his Nutriment to Ray Console.
Wallace leaves with a new racket.
Warren leaves his bones to Dave Benjamin.
White leaves his army jackets to Mr. Clifford.
Wright leaves his surfboard to Joe Lockard.
Von Scholten leaves eating a Danish.