Class of ’70

CHA and Springside Class Photos

CHA & Springside School Classes of 1968-'70 in 1956 yearbook
(3-year-olds, 4-year-olds, and kindergarten)

Class of 1970 in 1955 (3-year-old kindergarten).
Photo contributed by Rip Hastings. The '56 Caerulean (yearbook) identifies the following, by number in their respective rows:
Front: 1. Sally Blake, 2. Rip Hastings, 3. Laird McGehee, 4. Laura Conkey, 5. Anne Scurria, 6. Nancy Whitney, 7. Bob Altman, 8. Dickie Cadwalader, 9. David Trapnell, 10. Rebecca Foulk, 11. Nancy Liska, 12. Jay Richman, 13. Tom Stokes, 14. Scott Wellenbach, 15. Bill Brown (guest); 2nd row: 1. Bob McNeil, 2. Geoff Nuckols, 3. Rob Torrey Jr., 4. John Toney, 5. Gary Feinstein, 6. Bill Kleinfelder, 7. Tom Emlen, 8. Chas. Packman, 9. Giffy Whitney, 10. Ted Swain, 11. Bill Spalding, 12. Donny MacTurk, 13. Fred Claghorn Jr., 14. John Pass, 15. Ted Corson; 3rd row: 1. George Miller III, 2. Andy Webster, 3. Ross Pilling, 4. Geoff Blake, 5. J. Stogdell Stokes III, 6. Paul Klinefelter, 7. Peter Landreth, 8. Charlie Thompson, 9. Colin Jones, 10. Gouverneur 'Govey' Cadwalader III, 11. Henry Jacobs, 12. Steve Austin, 13. Andy Warwick, 14. Taylor Fernley, 15. Walter Brosz Jr.; top row: 1. Ted Stanley, 2. Dan Olivier Jr., 3. Pete Haskins, 4. Richard McGoey, 5. Mike Hogan, 6. Charlie Hodge, 7. Cliff Bright (7), 8. Steve Pearson, 9. C. "Wardy" Hodges III, 10. Stephen Rosenlund, 11. Johnny Haas, 12. Peter Randall, 13. Ted Silary Jr., 14. Tad Lowry, 15. Craig Richman.
Absent: Bill Coale, Bill Ely, Jeff Moak, Jane Morgan, Rob Pilling, Harry Rawls, Geoff Smith III, David Boenning, George Tilghman, J. Michael Finley, Rog Kyle, Rod Morgan, Bob Williams Jr.

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CHA Class of 1970 in 1968, 10th grade (Form IV)

CHA Class of 1970, 10th grade.
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Springside School Class of 1970, senior yearbook picture

Springside School Class of 1970, senior yearbook photo.
Back row: R. Borie, A. Beale, L. Phillips, E. Swensen, G. Griffiths, L. Corson, E. Lea, A. Bissell, A. Whitney, D. Upham, M. Lichtenstein, C. Cooper, S. Staman; middle row: A. Logue, D. Pearson, K. Liebert, S. Lehman, J. Stitzer, B. Sheppard, P. Klinefelter, A. Borie, L. Schumann, D. Goodwin, S. Gubb, J. Spinks; seated: M. Keeney, A. Bregy, J. Morgan, T. Merritt, A. Pincus, P. Harvey, N. Webb, L. Asche, L. Stalnaker, W. Wills. Missing: E. Hughes, A. Simons, M. Stotter.

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1970 Trivia:
CHA tuition for grades 9-12 was $1,100 a year.
Gasoline averaged 36 cents a gallon.
A first class postage stamp cost 6 cents.

CHA Class of 1970, senior yearbook picture

CHA Class of 1970, senior yearbook photo.
Rip H. keeps a dignified distance from the silliness. Barry S. and Peter W. scoff at frostbite. Bob P. swears allegiance to the Queen.
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Springside School Class of 1970, senior year portrait

Springside School Class of 1970, senior year portrait.
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“The greatest gift I received from Springside can be found in a stanza from the school song: ‘the friendships formed within these walls, the love that holds us true...’ Don't get me wrong, Springside gave me an excellent education, wonderful adventures, and life-changing experiences, but the greatest gifts I got from my alma mater were lifelong friendships. These are human connections that have sustained me over the past 50 years. No intellectual brilliance or career accomplishments could match the power, nurturing, or satisfaction that I have derived from my Springside friends. For them and Springside, I am profoundly grateful.”
– 50th reunion alumna

Springside School Class of 1970 visits Lower School in pigtails and smocks

Springside School Class of 1970 in pigtails.
In this photo: Diane Goodwin, Anne Bregy Saltman, Alice Bissell, Anne Borie Clements, Lockie Corson Hamilton, Jane Morgan Martin, Tessa Merritt LeBaron, Gwen Griffiths Biswas, Karen Liebert Pulini, Barbie Sheppard Medved, Patty Klinefelter Yates, Lisa Asche Mittnacht, Anne Pincus, Debbie Upham, Mary Stotter, Mimmi Whitney Lowry, Mary Lichtenstein Myers, Ellen Lea, Linda Schumann Civitello, Becky Borie Walsh, Martha Keeney Hayburn. Out of picture (left side): Carolyn Cooper, Sara Staman, Waneeta Wills Doriss.

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Comment from Becky Walsh: “A little background on this photo... we all borrowed smocked dresses from younger sisters and 'squeezed' into them to go back and visit the Lower School, which was located on Willow Grove and Seminole Ave. The school, as you probably know, is now apartments. That's Tessa and Barbie holding the dollies. I would venture to say that none of those dresses were buttoned up in the back!”

CHA Class of 1970 in 1967, 9th grade (Form III)

CHA Class of 1970, 9th grade.
Front row: N. Mitchell (Feinberg), S. Cohen, T. Hayes, B. Dolan, F. Asche (Howe), M. Piersol, R. Peck, P. Warren, T. Stone; 2nd row: R. Eisenstaedt, P. Gresh, E. Claghorn, D. Lindy, J. Moak, J. Kelly, T. Saltonstall, W. Hall, H. Schreibman, I. Goldman; 3rd row: I. Mills, C. Charles, J. Ely, B. Shannon, T. Moessner, M. Koch, P. Clay, C. Mayor, C. Sunstein, C. Sheppard, W. Barton, R. Stewart; stairs: G. Menarde, T. Jennings, W. Mittnacht, J. Emlen, M. Newberger, T. Ross, A. Ross, C. Kyle, D. Solis, S. Raymond, W. White; row of 3: A. Simon, R. Hastings, J. Affel.
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CHA Class of 1970 in 1963, 5th grade

CHA Class of 1970, 5th grade.
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Springside Class of 1970 in 1962, 5th grade

Springside Class of 1970 in 5th grade.
Front row: Jane Morgan, Lockie Corson, Joan Spinks, Holly ?, Lora Jo Stalnaker, Lisa Asche, Tessa Merritt, Linda Schumann; 2nd row: Sally Blake, Louisa Manly-Power, Mary Stotter, Diane Goodwin, Sandy Bement, Becky Borie, Suzy Lehman, Mimmi Whitney, Debbie Kahn, Patti Klinefelter; 3rd row: Mary Wright, Nina Webb, Sara Staman, Alison Fearey, Ellen Lea, Nellie Greene, Lynne Phillips, Elnel Emlen, Anne Borie, Scarlett Leas; 4th row: Anna Beale, Pam Harvey, Mary Lichtenstein, Lexa Logue, Ann Cornelison, Barbie Sheppard, Anne Pincus, ??, Alice Bissell, Karen Liebert; top row: Jane Stitzer, Disty Pearson, Kristen ? (could be Louise Rush), Dottie Price, Carolyn Cooper, ??, Laura Cheston, Perky Costello, Gwen Griffiths, Anne Simons, Jessica (Jay) DiMuzio.
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