Class of ’70

Links to classmates' personal and professional web pages

During the past decade, we have witnessed high levels of participation in e-mail chatter among our classmates, leading up to our belated 50th reunion at SCHA on June 11th & 12th, 2021, delayed a year as a result of COVID-19. By all accounts, the attendance should be high again for this milestone occasion in our lives. During the past decade, some of our long-lost old friends have resurfaced after many years' absence, thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of our class agents and provocateurs.

It seems we're grateful to still be vertical, and are curious to know how our classmates have been faring in life – career, family, community activities, and the like. In that spirit, we've posted below the links to known personal and professional web pages of our CHA and Springside compatriots from 1970.

The list is incomplete, so please feel free to notify us about your web presence, and we will promptly update the listing. Should you know about the web pages of others, we'd appreciate if you could pass that information along too. We look forward to seeing you again at the school-sponsored reunion events as well as our respective off-campus gatherings.

NOTES: We have been revising classmate data in preparation for our 50th Reunion in 2020 2021. Any assistance you can provide with new info will be greatly appreciated! The links below were updated with the addition of numerous new LinkedIn and business pages (after some exhaustive research). The women have posed somewhat of a greater challenge in this quest, so – once again – your participation is welcome. Thank you!

Chestnut Hill Academy Class of '70 (click on photos to view gallery)

Eric Marc Abramson (deceased, date unknown) – In Memoriam

John Herman Affel – Facebook pageLinkedIn page

Frederic Bermingham Asche III (Rick) – Facebook page

Lawrence Miles Ash (Larry) (deceased 1972) – In Memoriam

Wesley Ketcham Barton (Wes) – Business listing

Edward Sergeant Beeler (Ted) – Business page
Departmental Award: Mechanical Drawing (1969)

David Ellis Boenning

Craig Barrington Charles

Edward Taws Claghorn (Ted) – Business pageLinkedIn page

Philip Gossler Clay (Phil) – Facebook pageLinkedIn pageBusiness page (error)

Steven Carl Cohen (Steve)

Brooke Knight Dolan – Business page (defunct) – LinkedIn page

Edward Chipman Gray Ehrhorn (Chips) (deceased 12/31/07 in Philadelphia) – In Memoriam
Award: Founders' Bowl of CHA Pipers (1969)

Robert Witlin Eisenstaedt (Bob) – Business pageLinkedIn page

John Ely – Business page: (domain expired but is available -- John?)

Jay Cooke Emlen – Business pageSound clipsYouTube videoMusic CD

Christopher Betts Fleming (Chris) – Business page

Ira Howard Goldman – Business pageMSNBC videoPatentWashington Post

David Peabody Grant – Facebook pageBusiness archiveYouTube video

Peter Owen Gresh (Pete)

William Edward Hall (Bill a.k.a. Rug) (deceased 07/24/16 in Plymouth Meeting) – In MemoriamFacebook page

Ripley Ellison Hastings (Rip) – Facebook pageBusiness pageLinkedIn page
Award: Scholarship prize for highest average of the year, Second Place (Form V, 1969)

Timothy Joseph Hayes (Tim)

Thomas Joseph Jennings (Tom) (deceased, date unknown) – In Memoriam

Paul Richard Jewell – Perfect CourseJ Bar J

Michael Dean Kelly (Mike) (deceased 08/13/05 in California) – In Memoriam

Mark Damien Koch

George Clayton Kyle, Jr. (Clayt) – ClynkGrow MaineLinkedIn pageMaine Startups
Awards: Alumni Silver Medal (Form V), Alumni Gold Medal (Form VI), Patterson Cup, CHA Athletic Hall of Fame; Richard Vaughn Cup at Princeton (hockey).

David Charles Lindy, M.D. – ColumbiaLinkedInPresbyterianShareCare
Award: Scholarship prize for highest average of the year, Second Place (Form V, 1969)

Craig Biddle Mayor – Business page

Henry M. McAdoo, III (Hecky)

James Laird McGehee (deceased 10/27/85 in Baton Rouge, LA) – In Memoriam

William John McKinley, III (Bill)

Glenn Bartram Menarde

Ian Christopher Mills – Business pageLinkedIn pageViadeo page

Norman Mitchell [formerly Feinberg] (Norm) – Business pageFacebook pageLinkedIn page

William Vaughan Mittnacht (Bill)

Jefferson Monroe Moak, II (Jeff) – Business pageCollectionEncyclopediaGenealogyHSP PublicationsMapmakingSucker War
Departmental Award: Music (1969)

Paul Thomas Moessner (Tom) – LinkedIn page

Bruce Foster Morgan – Facebook pageLinkedIn page
Award: SCH Alumnus of the Year (2018).

Mark David Newberger, JD (deceased 05/02/20 in Philadelphia) – In MemoriamBusiness listing

Robert McCracken Peck (Bob) – Business pageGuardianHairy obsessionU. DelawareSpotlight
Awards: CHA Roll of Fame (inducted 2001), SCH Alumnus of the Year (2020), Class of 1970's "Indiana Jones" Award.

William Sergeant Pepper (Bill) – Business pageLinkedIn pageMail Tribune Article

George Morris Piersol III (Morrie) – Business pageFacebook page

Hugh Scott Raymond (Scott)

Herbert William Reisner, Jr. (Bill) – Business pageLinkedIn page

Andrew Scott Ross (Andy) – Facebook pageBusiness pageLinkedIn page

Thomas Howard Ross (Toby) – Facebook pageLinkedIn page

Timothy Sibley Saltonstall (Tim) – Business 1 (archive)Business 2LinkedIn pageHuffington Post

Barry Thomas Shannon – LinkedIn page
Award: SCH Alumnus of the Year (2018).

Winston Cartwright Sheppard, Jr. (Cartie) – Facebook pageLinkedIn page
Award: Headmaster's Award.

Dr. Henry Maynard Shreibman – Jewish NewsDominican Univ.NewsBytesLinkedIn page

Andrew Gross Simon (Andy) – Business pageLinkedIn page
Award: Scholarship prize for highest average of the year, First Place (Form V, 1969)

David Hays Solis V, D.O. – Business listingDoximityVitals

Ralph Gallaway Stewart (deceased 12/08/07) – In Memoriam

Thomas Claude Stone (Tom)

David Dickson Story (deceased 01/16/13) – In Memoriam

Charles Gerstley Sunstein, Jr. (Chip) – Facebook pageLinkedIn page

Peter Christopher von Scholten – Facebook pageXMO

Christopher Graham Wallace (Chris) – Facebook page

Paul Sears Warren

William Warner White (Bill)

Peter Walton Wright – Facebook pageBusiness pageLinkedIn page

  John Herman Affel
  Philip Gossler Clay
  Jay Cooke Emlen
  Ripley Ellison Hastings
  Andrew Scott Ross
  Thomas Howard Ross
  Barry Thomas Shannon
  Peter von Scholten

Springside School Class of '70 (click on photos to view gallery)

Sandra Gubb Baker (Sandy)

Anna L. Beale – Facebook pageLinkedIn pageBusiness page 1Business page 2

Alice Bissell – Arts articleBangor NewsVinalhaven ChamberVinalhaven Hist. Soc.

Gwendolyn Griffiths Biswas (Gwen)

Eleanor Emlen Browder (Elnel) – Facebook pageBusiness pageFlickr

Mary Stotter Canner – Google+Rider results 1Rider results 2YouTube

Linda Schumann Civitello – Facebook page

Anne Borie Clements – Business pageTroll creche

Carolyn Cooper-Smith – Book review

Ann Cornelison – Facebook page

Nina Webb Cullen – Facebook pageBusiness page

Lora Jo Stalnaker Dickhart – Cape MayTwitter

Waneta Wills Doriss – Facebook page

Diane Goodwin – LinkedIn pageProf. listingProf. listing 2

Elinor Greene (Nellie) (deceased 08/05/16 in Philadelphia, PA) – In Memoriam

Suzanne Lehman Gutnick (Suzy)

Locke Corson Hamilton (Lockie) (deceased 04/07/11 in Dubois, WY) – In MemoriamAlbuquerqueBenefitBenefit 2CochisePowder RiverStar TribuneWyoming ArtsYouTubeYumpuMusic CDs

Nancy Costello Hammer (Perky) – Facebook pageLinkedIn pageBusiness page

Pamela A. Harvey (Pam) – Facebook page

Martha Keeney Heyburn, M.D. – Business listing (alternate) – Heyburn InitiativePublications

Ellen Hughes

Deborah Kahn Kalas (Debbie) – Facebook pageBusiness page

Ellen E. Lea – Going GreenWillow LakeRoadhogLinkedIn page

Tessa Merritt LeBaron – LinkedIn pageBusiness page (defunct)

Alexandra W. Logue (Lexa) – Facebook page (semi-private) – Business pageBook page

Aurelia Whitney Lowry (Mimmi) – LinkedIn page

Jane Morgan Martin (Janie) – Facebook page

Barbara Sheppard Medved (Barbie)

Elizabeth Asche Mittnacht (Lisa) – Facebook page

Mary Beth Lichtenstein Myers – Business page

Dorothy Pearson (Disty) – Facebook pageLinkedIn pageBusiness page 1Business page 2

Lynne Phillips

Anne M. Pincus, Ph.D. – Business pagePsychology Today

Karen Liebert Pulini – LinkedIn page

Laura Cheston Rasmussen

Louise Rush (Weezie)

Anne Bregy Saltman – Facebook pageBusiness page

Louisa Manly-Power Saltzman

Deborah Upham Schoonmaker (Debbie)

Anne D. Simons – Facebook pageBusiness page

Joan Spinks

Sara M. Staman, Esq. – Professional listingFacebook page

Lea Stewart

Jane Stitzer (Janie) (deceased 1971?) – In Memoriam

Elisabeth Swensen, M.D. (Beeta) – Twitter pageDandelionPsychiatryRural medicineSeljord

Rebecca Borie Walsh (Becky) – Facebook pageLinkedIn pageBusiness page

Patricia Klinefelter Yates (Patty)

The whereabouts, marital status (i.e. last name) and/or means of contact for the classmates listed below are unknown. Please write to the webmaster with updates, thank you.

Lynne Phillips, Joan Spinks.

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Springside School Lions banner.


  Nina Webb Cullen
  Locke Corson Hamilton
  Tessa Merritt LeBaron
  Alexandra W. Logue
  Lisa Asche Mittnacht
  Dorothy (Disty) Pearson
  Anne Bregy Saltman
  Rebecca Borie Walsh

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